Atmas of the Plants

Just as we humans each have our own individual consciousness and inner being (lifestream), in sanskrit called atma, the various species of plants have their own common consciousnesses or atmas, whose task is to invigorate and raise the plants to their full potential, for the benefit and joy of all life on earth, not least the human beings.

Fossil finds show that there has been flowering trees, bushes and herbs on earth for up to 100 million years. The atmas came strongly unto earth way back 70 million years ago when the unique golden cultures came to planet earth and brought the atmas along with them for raising the flora of the whole earth.

The presence of the atmas as they are brought forth by Blue Lotus Arts is for the strengthening of the atmas in the many species of plants in the rich flora, so the atmas can remain on Earth, and for the presences of the atmas to give help to the hearts, minds and inner lifestreams of people, and thereby create a new foundation for the great golden cultures to appear on earth again.

The atmas of the plants have a wealth of highly developed qualities that can enrich and help people as well as plants, and by creating a deeper connection between the inner beings of humans and plant, both humans and plants can better able to get back to their originality.

When atmas are worn on the body, preferably close to the heart, the presence of the atmas, the inner power of the plants, is brought into our etheric field to strengthen the vitality, love and wholeness and to enhance our innate qualities and insights into who we truly are.

Atma Body Oil

This specially treated organic body oil is composed of almond, apricot, lemon, avocado and sunflower oil, and small amounts of olive and flaxseed oil. The oil also contains other selected atmas, and is adapted to the body's cell structures in a very fine way to give the oil deep balancing effects to strengthen skin, cells, body tissue, nerves, psyche and the etheric life forces.

The oil is easily absorbed and suitable for everyday use and light massage,

and can be used by imbalances and disease states, and to relieve and release tensions and pains in the body. It can be applied in a thin layer several times a day.

Often it is enough to have the body oil on your hands and gently and slowly move your hands just above the skin without any direct contact with the skin, down over the body, and lift the hands with palms up, out in the etheric field.

The Atma Body Oil is very good for massaging tired and aching hands, legs and feet.

The Atma Body Oil can also be used to bring life back to hair and scalp by massaging it into hair and scalp and letting it work overnight before being washed out again with a mild natural shampoo.

Atma Cream

A unique cream for beauty, healing and protection, made from only clean and very

fresh spring water from Norway's mountains, and atma oils of coconut, almond, apricot, sunflower, avocado and rose, and selected atmas.

It is a great day, night, sun and rescue cream, and very suitable for the whole body.

This Atma cream is completely free from additives and has qualities that can only

be described in poetry. It is unique and produced only in small quantities which often follow the seasons.

Atma essences and a danish language album with 20 tablets and descriptions of atmas

6 sets of 20 selected atmas

The presence of the atmas as they are given out by Blue Lotus Arts have been created in deep cooperation with the atmas, the inner beings of the plants. There are plants from many parts of the earth including many from the unique flora of New Zealand.

The presence of the atmas are connected with high quality spring water stored in special treated violet glass with optimum ability to preserve life forces. Tests have shown that this type of storage can keep them optimal for quite a long period of time.

And they are completely free of any kind of alchohol and additives.

See also the Blue Lotus Arts Water Vitalizer for making strong and living water

giving the water much greater keeping qualities and vitality than normal.

The presence of the atmas are given out in violet 5 ml bottles in sets of 20 different atmas which can be worn singly around the neck or on another part of the body.

At present there are 4 different sets each with their own theme, one for strengthening of the life forces, one for raising and strengthening love, one for health, and one for the inner child.

For the first three sets there is a book called: Atma - inner power of plants  Vol. 1

Atma Oils

Atma oils are of premium organic quality, and Blue Lotus Arts has given the oils a special cleansing and treatment through which they have fully absorbed the atmas of their respective plants. That gives the oils very fine cleansing, deep and life-giving properties which also make them fantastic body and massage oils.


These oils with their balancing sebacic acids, beneficial bacteria, stimulating life forces and high content of light, have also been developed to help release detrimental habits and dependencies of physical, psychological and sensory stimuli.

There are 12 different atma oils: Almond, apricot, macadamia, sesame, avocado, olive, hazel, lemon in a base of sesame oil, sunflower, safflower, flax and coconut.

There is an atma oil cure consisting of almond, apricot, coconut,

macadamia, sesame and safflower atma oils.

To retain the optimum effect of the oils, they should not be frozen or heated.

Slideshow with photos of New Zealand trees and plants and Casandra’s paintings of their atmas.

Duration 28 min.

A slideshow with photos of the Nikau palm of New Zealand, Casandra’s painting of it’s atma, with song and

cedar flute music.

DVD duration 15 min.

DVD slideshow with photos of the Pohutukawa tree of New Zealand, Casandra’s painting of it’s atma, and Japaneese shakuhachi flute music.

Duration 22 min.

DVD with paintings of 8 atmas and photos of their flowers. Good to watch when experiencing desertion, sorrow, shock, disease or other suffering, but also to come closer to the innermost being of the plants. Duration 25 min.

Atma Body Oil - Atma Cream - Atma Oil

Atmas of the plants

6 sets of 20 selected atmas and the book: Atma - inner power of plants

Reproductions of Atma paintings - Atma DVDs

Atma Life Spiral - Atma Garden and Gallery

Atma DVD’s

Reproductions of Atma paintings

Here are images of the atma paintings as they are printed on the back cover

of the four danish language atma albums in A4 size with full page illustrations.

Alle the paintings are also available as A3 size reproductions.

The book contains reproductions of 60 paintings of the atmas and a detailed text on the qualities of the atmas and their purpose for being on Earth, all painted and described as experienced by Casandra. There is also a brief description of the plant itself.

20 plants whose atmas focus on transforming the whole spectrum of the sun’s

radiation of life: Almond, Apricot, Lemon, Coconut Palm, Snowdrop, Jasmine, Elder, Juniper, Birch, Rugosa Rose, Poppy, Anemone, Kauri, Harakeke, Ti Kouka, Manuka, Tanekaha, Kawakawa, Rewarewa and Rimu.

20 Atmas for upliftment of love in human lifestreams, flora and earth

20 plants whose atmas focus on upliftment of love in human lifestreams, flora and earth: Tulip, Rose, Puriri, Avocado, Hibiscus, Sunflower, Pohutukawa, Rata, Camellia, Echinacea, Redflower Currant, Peony, Alpenrose, Dahlia, Fuchsia, Daisy, Horse Chestnut, Safflower, Japanese Cherry and Mistletoe.

20 plants whose atmas focus on strengthening health in humans, flora and earth:

Ginkgo Biloba, Apple, Forsythia, Orange, Cinquefoil, Calendula, Sea buckthorn, Noni, Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Nikau, Crown Imperial, Mango, Dandelion, Borage, Kowhai, Yellow Azalea, Deodar Cedar, Ginger and Horopito.

The last 2 sets in the series of 120 atmas is in the making.

Atma Life Spiral

The Atma Life Spiral is designed to enhance all life spirals in all life and thereby lifting negative influences free from the earth, water, fire and air. It consists of 20 selected atmas and their essences along with Casandra’s accompanying miniature atma pictures placed in a spiral in the golden mean ratio.

The Atma Life Spiral is available from Blue Lotus Arts and very useful in gardens, fields and woods where it will have a positive effect on nature, the environment and people.

Atma Garden and Gallery

In Denmark there is a lovely atma garden located in the Lake District in the heart

of Jutland. Here plants, flowers and trees that grow in the northern hemisphere are represented, and there is an obelisk that is specially designed to help all the plants to be able to fully contain their own precious atmas and thus maintain themselves,

and not come under the influence of human consciousness.

In the atma garden there is the Atma Life Spiral and many other sensory experiences.

Kirsten Elsebeth Lundorff offers guided tours of the atma garden and adjoining gallery when pre-booking a time though